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Tri-City Regional Fire Training Group Goals

Improve Training Accross the Tri-City Regional area; Deliver high quality, measurable training; Improve efficiency accross member agencies in the following areas: Training material development Training Program management Course and class delivery Multiple Company and Multiple Jurisdiction Drills

Added KC EMS Online Class from 2013

Due to a late change by KC EMS Online, one class from 2013 was not included in your 2013 Training Grid for the Benton/Franklin Counties EMT personnel. This class, BLS-2013-HPTM, was added as of 11/22/2014. If you have previously completed the online portion of the class, it has been marked complete already. Please check your training grid to ensure you have it in your grid. If you have completed the class before today, please ensure you still conduct the practical skills portion with an approved EMS Evaluator.

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